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How to Survive Post Christmas!

New Year! New Me!

Probably, one of the most annoying sayings that has ever been thought up! I mean, how are you supposed to create this new you with 3kg of chocolate in the house? Let alone the roasted nuts, cheese and shortbread left over from the festive season. So, lets be realistic here guys! I am going to give you some tips on how to control the urge to indulge and more importantly how to beat the bloat post Xmas.

First things first; left over goodies, if like me you cannot resist temptation, take the left over luxuries into work for your colleagues to enjoy. This is a win, win situation in my eyes; it gets the treats out of your house where you are more likely to binge “scientific fact”- people are more likely to binge in their own homes due to the fact they feel comfortable in the surrounding! And people will appreciate the fact you are bringing them in a gift.

Secondly, start a food diary. There are so many useful apps to do this now, like My Fitness Pal to mention one or pick up a ready made sheet from the gym staff at any LED centre. Our gym instructors are qualified to help point you in the right direction, if you are struggling to ‘get back on track’. Keeping a food diary makes you accountable for what you are eating, psychologically making us second guess before putting that mince pie in our mouths and on to our diaries.

Finally, do 30 minutes worth of high intensity exercise. LED run excellent exercise and HIIT classes and they are designed for all ages and abilities. Exercise helps to clear the mind, release endorphins (happiness) and best of all, makes you feel a bit better about all the naughtiness that’s just happened in our tummies. So why would you not?

You can’t rush something that you want forever. A healthy lifestyle should be forever, don’t rush it in one month and set yourself up to fail.

And don't forget, fitness and nutritional advice is available from any member of the gym team, just pop into your local centre or click to find them here and give them a call to arrange an appointment to have a chat to see how we can help - and its all included in your LED Unlimited Membership!